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thats so embarassing!!!

oh no i think i did something really stupid. i told you about that jesse...well hes got a myspace and stacie told me abou that so i made my own myspace and sent him a message but now he is not answering...what if he thinks it stupid? i can never go to sam goody again...eventhough that i know that i will regret it because im gonna go to germany soon and the store is closing soon,too...i just dont have any luck...toooooooooo bad!!!
18.4.06 02:28

prom was so cool

last weekend was prom and it was so awesome. better than i ever thought it could be. we had so much fun and i hope that i can come back to america next year to see my friends graduate and dance at prom.

some other things happenend on that day and i am still so excited because of that. well there is that one guy that works in a cd store in pierre and he is soooo cute. his name is jesse and a friend told me that he is always freaking out when that ''blonde tall german exchange student'' comes into the store. she also said that he really likes that german exchange student...and that makes me really happy...hehe
today im gonna go to pierre with bailey and grant. laura wants me to talk to him but what if he was talking about somebody else. i mean im not the only german exchange student in town, am i?

i gotta go now because somebdy is sitting behind me and is trying to read my weblog.
13.4.06 21:58

prom on saturday

wow we have prom on saturday. im a littel bit excited. too bad taht i do not have a date anymore but actually thats finde with was my own choice.
im in school right now and its so boring because i dont have anything to do. i have study hall for 2 hours and after that im gonna stay at school because monettes gotta work in the library and baileys gotta help to set up for prom. im not feeling very well today.i lost my voice.actually its sounds kinda funny...hehe...
im already planning what im gonna do first when im back in germany. i guess im gonna to rusbeh's and julia's meeting for young people...sry i dont really know what to call it.
i bought pink's new cd last is soo cool but those songs are noit really 'pink' if you know what i mean. she usuallly doesnt sing about love and stuff but now she does.that kinda bothers me.

well i gotta go now...the bells gonna ring...see you later
5.4.06 21:35

only two months left

hey you is it going? im doing pretty good but im kinda sad because i only have like to months left and then i g2g back to germany. im excited to see my friends and family but i wanna stay so badly! i love my life here. i thik im just a different person. im feeling good about myself all the time i dodnt think that i did that in germany. its not that my life in germay is bad but its really different. i wanna stay for more than 2 months. when i came to america i could never have thought like this. i wanted to go home so badly but now i wanna stay forever. why cant my friends from germany not come to me? *smile* that would be perfect. i sometimes think about my parents and brother surprising me and appear suddenly at school without telling me. that would be soooo cool.

today i called my parents. my mums gotta go to a cure for a month so that timo and armin are gonna be home alone. with no female person...i dont think they can do that *smile* actualy its time for me to come back. i miss them very much.
31.3.06 04:23

hey guys...what's up?!

my name is an exchange student in america right now and stay for 10 months.i will go home in may or june, after school.
so this is my own page.i think im gonna use it like a journal.if you have questions, just go ahead!
i never thought that i could be an exchange student but then a good friend of my brother went to canada...that was when i decided to go to america as an exchange student.
first my parents said that it would be better to stay a half year but i thought if i could survive for 6 months than i can do it for 10 months...
i sometimes think if it would have been better to stay for 6 months but i couldnt imagine to go home now.i wana stay here for at least 5 months *smile*
i love the people that i met here.they are so nice and awesome! especially my hostsister bailey...there is no better hostsister than bailey!she really makes my exchange year to the best time i have ever had!!
but that doesnt mean that i dont miss my family and friends in germany. right now i know how it is to live without the people that you see every day and that you love like you love yourself!

so but thats enough for now!!!
see ya!

before i forget...for my american friends:
gaestebuch means GUESTBOOK
startseite means HOME
archiv means ARCHIVE
ueber... means ABOUT...
kontakt means CONTACT
abonnieren and rss-feed is not important
30.12.05 19:39

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